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Exterior Refurbishment

Exterior Refurbishment


We understand the need to get a return on your investment in property and assets. Whether you’re a tenant coming to the end of your lease agreement or a landlord preparing to remarket your building, it is important to have dilapidation works for your commercial or industrial premises performed quickly, in order to return the property to its original configuration and ready for reuse as soon as possible.

Returning a commercial or industrial property to its original condition entails a wide range of co-ordinated services, skills and trades. Our contract managers will work with you to agree a scope of works, timing and completion targets to ensure disruption to your potential income stream is reduced to a minimum. We are able to provide you with a complete turnkey package for your dilapidation schedule.

Cyclical Programmes

Whether it is just an external cyclical decoration programme or a total refurbishment of the external image of your brand or building, the team at Trios Property are able to assist with your projects. Operations may be as diverse as re-branding (co-ordinating multiple suppliers), replacement of windows, doors, roof coverings or schedules of tasks linked to fire risk assessments or energy reduction measures/insulation upgrades.

From initial site meetings, scoping and programming of the work and budget preparation, we will work with you to deliver fit for purpose and cost efficient solutions. It may be one site with multiple tasks required or the same requirement on numerous geographically spread locations – we will shape our delivery to fit around your business operation and requirements. All our contract managers are CITB Project trained and will construct site H&S plans for all projects, working under CDM Regulations and with other contractors where necessary.