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Office Churn

Office Churn

“Churn” is the term used by facilities professionals to describe the continuous cycle of moves and changes within the workspace.

Our relationship with our clients always continues beyond the initial project. Businesses grow and develop and our team creates solutions to make managing internal changes and modifications easier.

The level of churn required will of course vary between business types, and also the level of maturity of an organisation. However, with the introduction of new technology it has become increasingly likely that dynamic organisations will require changes more frequently. We understand the need for effective management of the churn, as delays can become a restrictive obstacle with a knock-on effect on the productivity of that business.

We can manage all the facets of churn, including preparing office layout changes, organising electrical, data, telecoms and ventilation / cooling systems. Office building alterations may also include moves in cellular offices or open plan environments where workstations need reconfiguring. We can also manage the installation and alteration of demountable office partitions and relocation of office furniture, equipment and welfare facilities.

Ready for Monday morning

Works are timed to have the least impact on your operation and to minimise cost – targeting out-of-hour, weekend or vacation periods. We work with the facilities team to schedule and plan the moves – or series of moves – ensuring the designs are practical and possible before starting work.